Animaker Training and Certification

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Welcome to Animaker’s weekly training and certification program that helps users take their first step towards
Studio quality video making. Spend just 1 hour of your time and get yourselves trained in two amazing video making styles.

  • Animation video making &
  • Live video editing


Kindly use your official names registering for the session. The name you give during registration will be printed on the certificate.

The certificate will be issued only to registrants who attended the entire session Live.

Timezone : Eastern Standard Time

Animation video making

  • Official Animated video certification from Animaker
  • Animaker’s secret recipe to make awesome animated videos in less than 10 minutes
  • All the features of Animaker 2.0’s video creation suite

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Timezone : Eastern Standard Time

Live video editing

  • Official Live video editing certification from Animaker
  • 3 Simple rules to make a lip smacking video in 10 mins
  • Highlight full range of Animaker 2.0’s video editing features

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