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Making your client training content engaging & easily accessible.

Animaker understands the importance of training for your clients. The better your clients know about your product the better are the chances they will stick to it next year as well. But how well face to face training helps in retaining the knowledge over a zoom call.

With interactive videos they can revisit any feature or any training when they require it.

Send out feature updates easily. It's better shown on a video rather than a newsletter

If you are still sending out your feature updates through a text based newsletter, you sure know there is no traction. Create interactive videos with Animaker and send them out in bulk email campaigns, all in one go.

Video Questionnaires and Video QBR’s

Customer Success teams often find it very difficult to get clients to a face to face QBR. Due to non availability of time, It becomes very hard to receive any kind of feedback , answers from your clients.

Using an interactive video you can make your client fill your feedback forms very easily while also showcasing new features and upcoming updates.

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Your Key Takeaways from the webinar will be:

  • Using Interactive videos to strategize trainings for your clients
  • Using AI generated email to send out product updates and features
  • Using Interactive videos to replace text questionnaires and host video QBRs

“Animaker allowed us to ensure consistency in all our video communication and Training efforts. Apart from this, Animaker has also provided fantastic customization capabilities that have made our entire team fall in love with the product.
Saving $1.4M in three months!”

- Laurence Chung, GSK

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